Powered Hoist

Hi-Lo Climbers powered hoist are designed for use with a wide variety of aerial platform configurations as well as individual work cages. All units feature rugged construction, dependable proven performance, and fast open reeving.

D 800




Each hoist contain multiple safety devices to provide the maximum protection to the operator such as:

Overspeed Break Assembly. Automatically trips and locks the wire rope to the frame should the decent speed become excessive.
Manual Cam Lock. (Not on FD35I) Locks the wire rope to the frame at all times unless held open by the operator to allow travel.
Automatic Idle. Stops the wire rope from paying out when the unit reaches the ground or an obstacle such as a ledge.
Overload Mechanism. Automatically stops all upward movement if the unit is overloaded or catches on a protrusion.
Speed Reducer. Gear reduction maintains hoist movement is directly proportional to motor speed.