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NEW Adjustable Walk-Thru Stirrup (355- 700)

This adjustable walk-thru stirrup is similar to the original walk-thru stirrup connector with the following improvements.

1) This stirrup mounts below any Hi-Lo modular section. While on the ground the stirrup may be positioned left-to-right within 7-inches of the end of any modular section. This allows better alignment to rigging equipment.

2) This stirrup can be mounted below any modular section up to 6-feet to create a modular work cage.

3) Two non-swivel casters are included. This allows ease of movement during delivery and setup. When the unit is attached below a modular section using modular casters, the fixed casters on the adjustable walk-thru stirrup clear the ground by about 2 inches. This allows the modular rig to be rolled along the ground without interference from these fixed casters.

Rated Capacity 1000 lbs.
Height 108 inches.