Four Point Suspension

Secondary Safety
Secondary Safety mounted on stirrup connector
Secondary Safety mounted on stirrup connector with 35I hoist
Secondary Safety mounted on straightboard
Secondary Safety mounted on Walk Through Stirrup with 35I hoist
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Hi-Lo Climbers offers as an option the addition of a second overspeed brake assembly known as a Secondary Safety to provide the added safety of an additional wire rope next to the hoist. This allows four wire ropes on a typical two hoist swingstage or two wire ropes on a modular work cage.

Listed below is the Secondary Safety assembly (includes mounting bracket).
Secondary Safety Weight Attaches to:
(280-535) 32 lbs. Stirrup Connector (355-201)
(280-510) 20 lbs. Walk Through Stirrup (355-301)
(280-510) 20 lbs. Modular Work Cage (355-301)
(280-515) 26 lbs. Straightboard 20 to 28 inches